Financial and Banking

Customs Duty Tax Payment

Instead of travelers waiting in line to check-in and pay a duty tax, provide them with a easy and fast self-service solution.  With a Customs Duty Tax Payment Kiosk, travelers are able to swipe their passport, pay for their customs and be on their way.

Loyalty Card Program

Everyone loves getting rewarded for being a loyal customer.  With a Loyalty Card Kiosk, you can do just that.  Have the users place money on their loyalty card to be used for various products.  Then reward them later for using the system and card.

Gift Card Dispensing Kiosk

Gift Cards are becoming popular now a days.  Why waste space by keeping a rack of a select few gift cards? Dispense and activate any type of gift card from a kiosk.

Gift Card Exchange

Give your customers an added bonus of visiting your establishment by offering them away to declutter their wallet.  With a gift card exchange kiosk, customers can exchange unwanted gift cards for cash.

Ticketing Kiosk

Need to track and dispense tickets for a special event? With Livewire’s Ticketing kiosk you can manage, keep track of sales, and dispense tickets for any type of event.

Employee/Tenant Directory

Display a directory of all your employees on a kiosk or digital sign for visitors to view.  Display information about the employees for the visitors to find the individual they are looking for.

Corporate Information Access

Display information about your corporation for visitors to read.  Display event special events, corporate accomplishments, or upcoming projects that your corporation is working on.

Visitor Welcome and Reader Board

Display welcome messages, special events, weather forecast and much more with the visitor Welcome and Reader Board.

Corporate Building Directory

Organize and display information, as well as navigate customers about your corporation.  Also display maps, menus, special deals, and more about your corporation.

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