Health Care

Hospital Building Directory

Display a directory of the hospital on a kiosk or digital sign for visitors to view.  Also, navigate the users to the specific wings or areas for appointments or to visit a patient.

Visitor Information and Welcome Sign

Display welcome messages, special events, weather forecast and much more with the visitor information and welcome sign.

Patient Payment Kiosk

Alleviate wait time for patients who are there to pay their bill.  With a secure payment kiosk patients can pay their bill with credit card or cash with ease.

Patient Care Information

Inform visitors about patient care or hospital procedures for them to read at their own time.

Patient Check In Services

Move into the digital age by having patients input their information on a kiosk to check in.  Then they will be placed in a database for the nurses to call them back or let them know when they will be seen.

Physician Directories

Display information about the Physician in the hospital for visitors to view.  Also, allow patients or visitors to find where the doctor maybe located in the hospital with a navigational map.

Hospital Services Information Kiosk

Inform visitors about hospital services  with a digital sign or kiosk.  Also display any emergencies, evacuation plans, or events going on at the hospital.

Hospital Cafeteria Menu Board

Display your menu and even make it interactive with a Dining Information/Menu Board.  Display an image of the product, descriptions, and prices to appeal to your customers.

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